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Grief narratives is a community platform built to provide a space for people to find comfort in the shared experience of death and grief. Read and write stories, words, even poems if you’d like for and from people all over the world suffering from grief. The reality is, death deals each of us our own unique experience, yet grips us all and gives absolute shared fate as a universal truth. It’s something we share, a fate we all feel together. By providing a space to share stories and grief narratives, we hope to provide comfort in communion, solace in suffering, and richness in the raw. Know that though you are walking your grief story individually, you are not walking it alone.


Find inspiration, consolation, humor and humanity.


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How it all started

In 2015, death took my dad rather quickly. When they found the cancer, it had already taken up residence in his pancreas and spread to his liver. What I discovered during the process was that though I felt alone and unique in my grief, the reality is, so many share a story so similar to mine. At the time I was beginning work on a photo project around terminal illness and mortality. Suddenly, my father became the subject. Capturing moments and writing about the process allowed me to connect with so many others experiencing something similar. It created the desire to build a space for people to be able to do the same.

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What’s your loss story—what happened?

When you think of the person you lost, what do miss right now?

What memory comes to mind just now—what does it make you feel…and why?

What regrets do you feel? What do you sometimes wish you would have done differently?

What’s the toughest part in carrying-on without this person?

What makes you feel stuck in loss?

What was/or is helping you in your grief journey? Can you put words to how or why you find it helpful?

What surprises have you experienced along the way in your grief journey?

What is your experience of loss teaching you about yourself? About people? About the world? About the human condition?

What advice would you give to others about living through loss?

This loss has taken much away from you. What has this loss given you?