Dji 0991

Dear Grandma

A grief narrative by Samantha Collier

I made a pumpkin pie today with Patrick and his grandfather they call "papou" which is Greek for grandpa!!! I asked everyone in our family if they had your recipe, but no one did and they al said they were buying Costco pumpkin pie but that just was going to cut it for me! I was determined to make that pie grandma! Today I baked my very first pumpkin pie in honor of you. I miss you so much grandma. I also found a cool shop called miners rock shop and I happened to be wearing the ring you gave me when I went! As you know one of the stones fell out and went missing and for some reason on that very day I was out with Patrick I decided to wear it, even though it was scratchy and hurt me! And we stumbled upon a cute shop and the owners names were Sonny and Sam and they were such cool kind people, you would've thought that shop was so cool! They mine minerals and rocks and I saw turquoise and sonny said she did make jewelry! So I asked her if she could fix my ring that you gave me and she said she knew someone who could cut a stone for her! It took about 2 months to fix and cut a stone small enough to fit into but, but it's all fixed and I'm wearing it!!!! I love it so much grandma, I am so thankful to have this ring with me❤️ I miss you a lot , and tomorrow is thanksgiving and im having a really rough time having to comprehend that you're not going to physically be there, I know you will be there in spirit. I really miss you grandma. I love you and I hope that you visit me and are with me from time to time. I don't know if I feel you or not, but I really still can't comprehend that you're not here anymore. It kind of feels like this whole past year without you has just been a long time without seeing you or calling you, and that I'm supposed to see you tomorrow at mj and kylie's
- Samantha Collier