Raindrops and Blessings

A grief narrative by Deb Guilmette Coderre

For Johnna with love ~ Raindrops and Blessings

The day bore dark and oh so heavy
And I asked the dear Lord why
The morning clouds looked so dreary
And I could not see the sky

Then I looked all around me
And there before my eyes
a thousand little miracles
started falling down from the sky

I reached up for one drop of rain
It fell into my outstretched palm
And seemed to wash away the pain
Like a most soothing balm

I looked into the raindrop
And I was most amazed to see
A light footed child hopping
As carefree as could be

Another drop fell, and I grasped it tight
Before it could slip away
It seemed to give a warmish light
That chased away the gray

In that glistened bead, I caught the sight
Of some drummers in a small town band
A little off key but it was practice night
Like so many others across the land

So many drops, so many blessings to behold
I reached out my palm and caught a few more
The visions again began to unfold
Each more enlightening than the one before

Some young boys fishing off the dock
A toddler with pail and shovel in the sand
A little girl with new shoes and socks
And teenagers walking hand in hand

A cat was licking clean her brand new kittens
While a dog waited dutifully by the leash
Under the tree some hand-knitted mittens
And a prayer for someone laid to peace

I saw a mother and a dad in the evening light
A kid swinging the bat at a missed ball
Fireflies on a late spring night
And leaves fluttering to the ground in Fall

The drops from heaven kept on revealing
On that bounteous beautiful day
A message for man of the human kind
There’s more blessings on the way

So if those old rain clouds start to call
Don’t run on inside and hide
Keep ready for the raindrops that fall
With your heart and arms open wide

~ Deb Guilmette Coderre

- Deb Guilmette Coderre